深夜裡的法國手工甜點 minuit1200

深夜裡的法國手工甜點 minuit1200



天地壁構成上,以不同形式的檜木,木紋磚及清水模,呼應主廚堅持使用最好的天然食材做應用研究的精神。另一方面,我們幫他拆下舊店面的一道牆,破壞再重組; 掛上皮革裁縫的手工吊燈並將創業時的舊櫃台修改再利用; 將舊的沙拉冰箱改造成蛋糕櫃等,這些行為甚至可能增加成本,卻能給環境帶來最小的負擔。各個細節展現出品牌雖然規模化,卻頑固的把初心及靈魂隨身攜帶。

A long queue would be lining up near exit No.2 of Guting Station in Taipei at midnight previously, waiting for the boss to bring boxes of mysterious chocolate tarts. I was once also in the queue.

We are lucky to have the opportunity to carry out the interior design for Minuit Pâtisserie and Café de Minuit; other than indulging in the aromatic baking and fruit fragrances while working, we further realized Rick, the chef’s persistence and considerations towards quality and details, as well as the imagination that would not miss out on any possibility.

Different forms of Hinoki woods, wooden tiles and architectural concrete correspond with the spirit of the chef’s persistence in using the best natural food ingredients. Also, we helped him remove one of the walls from the old store for reconstruction; put up the hand-sewn leather pendant light and modified an old cabinet and re-designed an old salad fridge into a cake shelf…etc.; although these may increase cost, yet it causes the minimum burden on the environment. All details demonstrate the owner’s original intention and soul even though the brand is well developed.




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